Do I need a visa to travel to Thailand? What about vaccines?

Find out if you need visa before landing to Bangkok

First thing we need to find out before landing in Bangkok is whether we need or not visa to travel to Thailand. Of course that will depend on your nationality since not all countries have the same entry conditions to the Kingdom of Thailand.

The visa policy for Thailand changes depending where you are coming from. However, nowadays Thailand offers visa-free travel to people from 57 countries, so chances are you are from one of them.

On the table below you can find information about what nationalities do not need visa to get to Thailand or can apply for it on arrival:

*Map from the Thai Embassy in UK

On the next picture you can see pretty much the same. Just worry in case your country is in grey color, that would mean you need to apply for a Tourist Visa at any Thai Embassy abroad before landing to Thailand:Visa_policy_of_Thailand
*Map from Visa Policy of Thailand in Wikipedia

Vaccines to travel to Thailand

There are not mandatory vaccines to Travel to Thailand unless you are travelling from a country where Yellow fever still exists.

Yellow Fever
Remember: it does not depend where you are from but where you are travelling from. If you are from US but you are flying to Thailand from Argentina, then chances are Thai officials will require you proof of the Yellow Fever vaccine. Here you have a list of countries with risk of yellow fever virus transmission.

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is one of the recommended vaccines to get before coming to Thailand since is a sickness you can get from contaminated food or water.

You can get typhoid from contaminated water or food so this another highly recommended vaccine.

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B could be gotten by sexual contact, contaminated needles and blood products, so if you think you behavior in Thailand can be risky, get this one too.

Japanese Encephalitis
Japanese Encephalitis is suggested just for those travelers staying more than a month in Thailand and visiting rural areas.

If you really like animals (street dogs, bats, monkeys, etc.) and you’ll be touching them, consider getting the vaccine for the Rabies.

There is not vaccine for Malaria. Furthermore, Malaria is not common in Thailand. There are rumors that Malaria is present in some areas near the border of Myanmar or Cambodia so better watch out with the mosquitoes if you go there.

Travel safe, travel informed!

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