How to get from the Airports in Bangkok to city easily?

Bangkok has 2 airports: Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Muang (DMK). However most of the internationals flights (except Airasia flights) arrvive at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). So chances are you are landing over there.

Going from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok city

Taxis: Good option
You can easily get a taxi from the 1st Floor, Gates 4 and 7, of the Airport. You’ll have to queue to get one and the fare will be from 350 to 600 THB depending on the location of your hotel in Bangkok. A taxi from the airport charges 50 THB extra and passenger pays the toll way.


Airport Limousine: Fastest choice

If you feel like don’t want to wait for a normal taxi, one option could be to take a limousine at one of the Airport Limousine Service Counter on the 2nd Floor. Basically after picking up your luggage you’ll find the counter of limousines and you’ll be able to get one. They cost around 1500 THB.

Airport Link: Smartest choice
If you are not in a hurry, probably the smartest option is to take the Airport Link, a modern train that will take you to the BTS STATION of Phaya Thai. Trains run 06:00-23:59 every day and you’ll get 2 options: Express Line (non-stop, 15 minutes and 90 THB) or City Line (24 minutes and 45 THB).


Bus: Having plenty of time

If are in a really long holidays and can afford wasting some time you can get a normal bus. You can take:

Bus 550: Suvarnabhumi to Bang Kapi
Bus 553: Suvarnabhumi to Samut Prakan
Bus 554: Suvarnabhumi to Don Muang Airport
Bus 555: Suvarnabhumi to Rangsit (using the expressway)
Bus 558: Suvarnabhumi to Central Rama 2

Going to Khao San area?
You can either just take a taxi or get into the Airport Link City Line until Makkasan station and then take the bus 556 to Democracy Monument (next to Khao San).

Going from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok city

Taxis: Good option
You can get a taxi from the outside of the building of Arrival Halls International & Domestic Passenger Terminals. It’s easy to find. You’ll have to queue up and pay an extra 50 THB to the driver plus the toll ways.


Bus + Skytrain: Smartest choice

If you hotel is nearby a BTS Station you can get the bus A1 or A2 from Don Mueang Airport to Mo Chit BTS Station and from there it will be an easy ride to the station closest to your hotel.

Going to Khao San area?
Take the bus 59!

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