What is Bangkok Walking Tours?

Bangkok Walking Tours is an online and offline tour operator in Bangkok, Thailand, which connects travellers with friendly, local guides. We offer pre-made tours (“Pick A Tour”), customised tours (“Make A Tour”), and join tours that start at our office in Khaosarn Road. Our tours focus on walking, letting you see Bangkok in its authenticity, while our guides will offer insightful knowledge on this beloved city.

What Are Pre-Made Tours?

Our pre-made tours can be viewed by clicking “Pick A Tour” on our site’s menu. These tours have predetermined routes, which are explained in details in their respective pages. For your convenience, our guide will pick you up at the place of your stay. To transport your group from your hotel to the first leg of the tour, non-walking modes of transportation might be opted for practical reasons. The rest of the tour will focus on walking, and using public, local transportations such as Chao Phraya River Boat or Sky Train services.

What Are Customised Tours?

Our pre-made tours can be viewed by clicking “Make A Tour” on our site’s menu. There you will find a form where you fill your details, writing down your places of interest. Our friendly staff will reply back with suggested itinerary to you within 1-2 working days along with quotation. Like the pre-made tours, our guide will pick you up at the place of your stay.


How To Join A Tour?

We currently have one join tour starting in our Khaosarn Road. Click on “Join A Tour” on our site’s menu to view the details and the location of our starting point.

How About The Weather?

The tour will continue regardless of rain. Bangkok is generally hot, even during its supposed wintry months of November to January, so wear comfortable clothes. During monsoon or rainy season (July to October), it is advisable to check the weather forecast and pack umbrellas or raincoats, if necessary. Otherwise, your guide can help you buy very affordable rain protection gears during your tour, if rain suddenly erupts.

How About Dress Code?

Only the Grand Palace has a dress code. Women need to cover their shoulders, and both men and women need to wear long pants. While there is a clothing rental service at the Grand Palace, we recommend you arrive prepared since queuing up for the rental service can take a long time as well as it is not free of charge. Furthermore, if your itinerary covers temples or other religious grounds, it is advisable for visitors to not wear revealing clothes.