Bangkok Walking Tours ©
is a project started by Wut Suthirachartkul and Pol Comaposada under the company Mundo Nomada Travel Company Limited,


a Thai company established in Bangkok in 2012 and licensed to operate with inbound tourists in Thailand.
TAT License 14/01392.


Wut Suthirachartkul


Bangkok native designer and entrepreneur. For seven years I lived in the U.S. and China. During that time, I would travel back to Bangkok once or twice a year simply because I missed my city. Whether it’s food, culture, friendly locals, wild nightlife, or even its underbelly, Bangkok is mesmerising. Arriving in foreign territory for the first time can be intimidating. New language, new currency, and a whole slew of unfamiliar cultures. Tourists visiting Bangkok often have of a hard time getting to know the city in a short period of time. They usually follow certain guidelines and end up having the same kind of experience with other tourists. While that’s fun, there’s always a group of people that yearn for more – to study local culture in greater depth, to tread unsung streets, to stride away from the usual spots and experience Bangkok in its authenticity. That’s what inspired Bangkok Walking Tours – we offer visitors, both new and old, local companions that will help you get around Bangkok efficiently while letting you tap into our knowledge.



Pol Comaposada


I’m from Barcelona but I’ve been living in Bangkok since 2010 when I decided to stay after a gap year travelling in Asia. My first encounter with Bangkok was where the Airport bus dropped me off at: Khao San Road. Oh God! If the whole city is like this I gotta run away from it as soon as possible, I thought. Fortunately, quickly I learnt that Bangkok is much more than Khao San area and I started to appreciate its organized chaos and extremely hot weather. My first job in the city was as a Spanish teacher in a small school. Eventually I started teaching in Thammasat and Bangkok universities while writing on my Spanish travel blog Mundo Nómada. On 2012 I established my tour company for Spanish speaking tourist and realized how much travelers loved our public transportation day tours around Bangkok. That’s why we decided to create Bangkok Walking Tours and offer what we think it’s a great experience: a day tour walking and using all kind of unique transportations Bangkok has, while visiting its old part and the modern area.



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